About CHIC

CHIC is a community organization whose purpose is to enrich your stay in the Kansai area. Whether you are an expat visiting for a short time or a local resident, CHIC has something for everyone in our many trips, classes and events that we organize to keep you busy!

CHIC offers you the chance to meet people with our morning get-togethers as well as the chance to explore Japan on our trips and activities designed to enhance your stay in the Kansai area.

In addition to the CHIC publication Living in Kobe, CHIC also has a collection of handouts available that include: Exploring Kansai, Kids in Kansai, the Restaurant guide and the Pottery Town Guide which give you all the relevant information you need to explore the area with confidence. Information on English speaking Medical services and businesses are are  available on request.

CHIC volunteers are always happy to help with any inquiries, be it travel plans, finding English speaking services or help deciphering bills and forms in Japanese.

We offer a wide variety of classes in Japanese culture, international cooking, languages, health and fitness, children’s playgroup, crafts and much more.

Funding comes from membership fees, class registration fees, sales of CHIC publications, events, corporate donations and the Rokko Island Fund Group


チックは、興味深い旅行や行事を企画し、皆様に日本探訪の機会をご用意する事はもちろんのこと 朝の集いも設け、様々な人々との出会いの機会も提供しています。


チックのスタッフは皆ボランティアで、いらしてくださる皆様の為に、旅行のプランや、英語のサービス、お支払の為の請求書の内容説明など できるだけご質問や様々な事柄に真心を込めて対応させていただいています。

チックでは 日本の文化、世界の料理、様々な外国語、健康とフィットネス、子供向けの幼児クラスなど盛り沢山の教室が開かれます。

チックの運営資金はメンバーの会費、クラス登録費、チック出版物、イベントの収益 そして六甲アイランドファンドなど企業寄付によって成り立っています。
*Founded in 1977
*Members come from various backgrounds and cultures.
*Foreign volunteers and Japanese volunteers available who speak English, Japanese and other languages.
*Over 80 classes, events and trips in each seasonal program.

Community House & Information Centre
The Entente
5-15 Koyocho-Naka,
Higashinada-ku, Kobe
Japan 658-0032
Tel: 078-857-6540
(international: +81-78-857-6540)

Fax: 078-857-4789
(international: +81-78-857-4789)

email: information@chickobe.com

CHIC Volunteers

International volunteers who are ready to answer questions and help in any way they can.

CHIC Management

CHIC is managed by a Director.

Director: Kristi Keoughan

CHIC is supervised by a Board of Directors.

Board of Directors for 2018

Chairman: Shawna Wallis

Vice Chair: Naomi Nakashima

Treasurer: Meredith Owen

Secretary: Marie Bullock

Programs: Izumi Nagai

Events: Eiko Taniguchi

Communications: Helen McBain